The following quotations are from:

Walmart, This We Believe, pp. 90-95. Dalmation Press, Atlanta GA, 2008.

“When we talk about staying ahead of the crowd and a willingness to take risks, JANELL LAUBACHER, Assistant Manager at Store #1636, Minot, North Dakota comes to mind. Her associates call her ‘fearless,’ and say there’s nothing she won’t tackle, especially if it means a welcome change for the company, her store and her customers. Throw in the way she embraces new techniques and ideas in every aspect of her life and you’ve got a good idea of how Janell operates. Janell has caring, nurturing relationships with associates and members of her community. Manager Dave Bussard can’t say enough about her talent for building trust: ‘When it comes to teaching and training, her mentorship is second to none. She works side by side to truly understand our associates, and helps give them the tools they need to complete the job and to succeed with their personal career. She has built great relationships and unbreakable trust because she is someone who will go to the wall for her team!’ With her courage and determination to embrace change and to help others move forward, Janell creates an environment in which everyone can see a much brighter future.” 94.