What do we need to do, to think about, to know, to practice… if we are to establish self-determining lives and communities? How do we train for liberation?



WHAT IS / HOW TO. Clarifying Revolutionary Definitions and Directions


MEXICAN CONSCIOUSNESS. Investigate and re-connect with the strong roots colonization suppressed, but has not destroyed.


THEORY AND HISTORY OF REVOLUTION. French, American, Haitian, Mexican, Russian, Algerian, Cuban, Zapatista, Kurdish… It’s happened and it’s going to happen. Which revolution should we make?

FREEDOM AS GROUP PRAXIS / EDUCATION AS THE PRACTICE OF FREEDOM. Red Power, Black Power, and Anarch0-Communism agree: the power we need to develop is the power to understand and control our contexts, starting right here and right now.

THEORY OF IDEOLOGY. How control over education and media facilitate the production of submissive thoughts and submissive people… and how to stop submitting.

COMMUNITY, DEMOCRACY, RHYTHM. What forms of  organization are possible? Can we really be together and equal? How do we come to feel and act like a community, after we’ve been pulled so far apart?


REVOLUTIONARY EDUCATION. How to wake up and take it over. Simple steps from classroom to commune and beyond. Abolish inequality. Evaluate the situation. Determine your interest. Figure out what we can do. Do it. Think on it. Repeat.


THEORY OF POWER: State Power and Other Power. They’re not the only ones with power. Their power is specific, and most of it depends on us. But we have capacities and connections which can render them obsolete.