The following quotations are from:

Euripides, The Bacchae


“Then, as the Fates fulfilled, to light

He gave the hornéd god, and wound

The living snakes his brows around;

Whence still the wandéd Maenads bear

Their serpent prey wreathing in their flowing hair.” 4


“A prophet is our god, for Bacchanalism

And madness are alike prophetical.

And when the god comes down in all his power,

He makes the mad to rave of things to come.” 11


“Ha! now indeed two suns I seem to see,

A double Thebes, two seven-gated cities;

Thou, as a bull, seemest to go before me,

And horns have grown upon thine head. Art thou

A beast indeed? Thou seem’st a very bull.” 36