1. PLATO REPUBLIC IV and V: State and Personal Structure, and the Community of the Guardians

Plato, Lorde, Aristotle and Clastres audio lecture:


Recommended Reading: Plato, Republic, Books IV and V.

Selected texts/quotes

2. AUDRE LORDE: The Uses of the Erotic

Recommended Reading: Audre Lorde, “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power,” pp. 53-59.

Selected texts/quotes

3. ARISTOTLE POLITICS I: The Relations that Form Society

audio lecture

Recommended Reading: Aristotle, Politics, pp. 1-9, 17-29.

Selected texts/quotes

4. CLASTRES: “The One and the Many”

Recommended Reading: Pierre Clastres, Society Against the State, “The One and the Many,” pp. 169-175

Selected texts/quotes

5. EURIPIDES: Divine Frenzy Vs the State

Euripides, Seaford, Nietzsche, Bataille, Daniélou audio lecture:


Recommended Reading: Euripides, Bacchae, pp. 1-55. 

Selected texts/quotes

6. NIETZSCHE and Friends: The Dionysian Vs the Apollinian

Recommended Reading: Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music, pp 33-56, 61-67; Seaford, Dionysus, pp. 26-36. 2nd: Daniélou, Gods of Love and Ecstasy, pp. 13-18, 32-41; Bataille, The Tears of Eros, pp. 19-20, 70-77.

Selected texts/quotes from Nietzsche

Selected texts/quotes from Seaford

Selected texts/quotes from Bataille

7. FREUD AND CANETTI: Group Formation and Behavior: WWI and WW2

Freud Canetti Wildcat audio lecture:


Recommended Readings: Freud, Group Psychology, pp. 29-39; Elias Canetti, Crowds and Power, pp. 15-41.

Selected texts/quotes from Freud

Selected texts/quotes from Canetti

8. DELORIA AND WILDCAT: The Indigenous Understanding of the Group

Recommended Readings: Vine Deloria, God is Red, “The Group,” pp. 203-217; Daniel Wildcat, Power and Place, “Indigenizing Politics and Ethics,” pp 87-99.

Selected texts/quotes

9. AUGUSTO BOAL: Theater as Control By the State / Theater Vs The State

Cabral Boggs Invisible Committee Boggs  audio lecture:


Recommended Reading: Augusto Boal, Theater of the Oppressed, pp. 7-13, 21-25, 33-39, 46-47, 119, 122-142.

Selected texts/quotes

10. AMILCAR CABRAL: “Unity and Struggle”

Recommended Reading: Amilcar Cabral, Unity and Struggle, “Unity and Struggle.”

Selected texts/quotes

11. INVISIBLE COMMITTEE: “Omni Sunt Communia”

Recommended Reading: Invisible Committee, To Our Friends, “Omni Sunt Communia,” pp. 197-206.

Selected texts/quotes